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Gympie Granite is a family-owned and operated business that are invested in the Gympie and Sunshine Coast communities, through providing quality and sustainably gained products combined with exceptional service that relies upon our last job getting us the next job. What makes us so passionate about what we do is leaving happy customers with a product that we know will look amazing and last.

As owner-operators Gympie Granite has a combined 47 years of plant operating experience being largely varied yet in our area of speciality deeply focused. This ranges from Large-scale Quarry operations, Civil Earthworks, Dam Sinking, Retaining to Day-hire, Rural Drive-ways and Truck hire.

gympie granite

Gympie Granite

The Granite we provide is almost exclusive to the small area that we extract from and we focus on ethically and environmentally sourcing our products over the years to come. Gympie granite is one of the only licenced quarries in South east Queensland that consistently produces high quality Natural Granite Boulders.

There are a range of applications for this stone:
Childcare centres – Rounded edges make this stone perfect for this use.
Boulder-stack retainer walls
Water Features
Feature Placement Stone
Stone-pitched retainer walls
Pathway stepping stone’s
Pool Coping

Our size’s that we offer are:
100mm – 180mm – Pitching stone
200mm – 400mm
400mm – 600mm
600mm – 800mm
800mm – 1200mm
1.2mtr PLUS – enquire for specific details

Granite is a very dense and hard wearing natural rock. Granite stone has been a successful natural building source for thousands of years and with a more environmentally aware society and people becoming appreciative of this natural beauty. Stone is again a popular and sought after choice for home-makers and landscapers alike.

Our most sourced rock is Salt & Pepper Granite or otherwise known as Gympie Granite. It is a mostly rounded stone, Grey with white and black flecks and comes in a variety of sizes.

If you would like to know more about Gympie Granite stone or about the services we offer, dont hesitate to get in touch.

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